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Many unique and customized products to furnish in an original way.

Products with personalized prints, clocks, tiles, stones with prints, clocks, frames, outdoor doors and much more without limits to your imagination.

Casa e Ufficio


  • Orologi

    Clocks are inevitable furnishing accessories in every home. In addition to completing the furniture they are really very useful, in fact they allow you to always have the time under control. Precisely for this reason they are the ideal choice in the kitchen, where having the time under control is important to avoid ruining our recipes, but also in the living room where idleness often makes us lose track of time. And what about in the bedroom? Otherwise there is a risk that those extra five minutes that everyone likes to take every morning will turn into hours!

    The customized versions of these watches to be inserted in every room of our home, but also, why not, in the office, are certainly exceptional to bring a breath of originality and many emotions. A watch decorated with your most beautiful photographs is in fact necessarily original, it is indeed unique because those shots are yours and yours alone. And precisely because those are original shots, the watch becomes a vehicle of emotions, memories, wonderful feelings. You understand well that precisely for this reason, watches are exceptional gift ideas, to be chosen for a birthday, for Christmas and on all those occasions when it is necessary to celebrate the entry into a new home such as a beautiful wedding for example.

  • Mouse Pad

    Personalize your workspace with a rubber-coated mouse pad printed on the surface with your favorite photos, your name, a phrase you like, a verse from a song or anything else your imagination suggests.

  • Mattonella

    Are you looking for an unusual and particular idea to give a touch of style to your home? Il Sogno Creazioni amazes you with another of its fantastic proposals that you can customize thanks to your imagination and creativity.

    The white ceramic tiles easily adapt to any furnishing solution and need, you can print your high-resolution photos on them and place them on the refined wooden easel.

    We suggest you display your custom tiles on shelves, shelves or as a support for your crockery or set them among others on your walls.

    The photo or image you choose will be printed directly on the ceramic thanks to special and highly technological machinery in order to become an indelible and long-lasting object.

    The use of ecological and long-lasting colors allows you to wash it easily with a damp cloth so as not to alter the brightness of the colors.

    Our tip:

    The personalized tile photo becomes a wonderful idea not only for a gift to an important person following a particular occasion but also an original idea to be used as an invitation for a special event such as Baptisms, Communions, Weddings.

  • Pietra

    Your photo on slate stone. A unique stone, for a personal and inimitable memory. Durable over time.

    The slate stone is able to preserve the print of your special images: designed in the heart shape, it will be decorated on the front with the print of your reproduction.

    Shiny and shiny, decorate floors and incomplete spaces with a touch of elegance and will always remain as wonderful as the first day; a special gift to the people you love.

    It will be special to receive it as a gift or maybe keep it for yourself as an object to be preserved forever.

  • Cornici

    Photo frames are among the most classic and traditional products to display your most beautiful and happy memories at home. The versions that you can make online, however, have a more original flavor than the classic frames we are used to.

    Wooden frames

    Leather frames

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